Q 1. Is it legal to own a 37mm?
A. Yes! it is legal to own a 37mm "flare" launcher. However, it is illegal to shoot certain projectiles from it, which include: wooden dowels, bean bags, rubber plugs, etc. These items are considered destructive devices (DD). If you get caught with anything similar to these (that is, a launcher AND anti personnel rounds.), expect to lose all your gun rights! Period!

Q 2. How far will a projectile reach?
A. Most commercial ammo have a maximum distance of around 75 yards. However, it is possible to make them travel much further, by using either a booster insert, or a blank and smokeless powder, as in our nylon hulls. We've
reached the 200yd mark quite consistently.

Q 3. I bought some bird busters from someone and the report isn't as loud as I would like. Where can I find louder bird busters?
A. All loads should contain less than 1/4 oz (7 grams) of an explosive charge. Any more than that would make the load a DD. Do not use more than 1/4 oz! However, different mixtures of flash powder will create different
reports, yet staying within the legal limit.

Q 4. I bought some 40mm hulls from another source and they do not include the brass.
A. If you buy hulls from someone else and they do not send the brass with them, we sell the brass for .10 each.

Q5: The wall thickness seems really thin after turning the 40MM nylon hull down to fit my 37MM launcher. Is this safe, and will they hold up to the pressure?
A: Although it seems thin, the nylon hull is tapered on the inside approx 1/4" from the mouth. Further, providing you have a snug yet smooth fit in your launcher, the barrel walls will support the nylon. As long as you are not allowing the rounds to become too cold (e.g. below 60degreesF), the nylon will flex just as the commercial plastic hulls. We've reloaded some of our hulls 7-8 times (so far) without fatigue or cracking.